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Finecom HK-A512-A12 AC ADAPTER 12VDC 1A to 3.4A 2pin Phoenix


Finecom HK-A512-A12 AC ADAPTER 12VDC 1A to 3.4A With 2pin Phoenix Pitch 3.81mm 15EDCK-3.81 or shielded wire New 100-240Vac Replacement POWER SUPPLY


  • Works with most extron video boxes.
  • Ault MW153KB1203F01 MW153 SL Power E302267 No Pin No connector shielded wire only
  • AZSid2758 EXTRON HK-A512-A12 12Vdc 1.25A With 2pin Pitch 3.81mm 15EDCK-3.81
  • Also compatible with pitch 3.5mm (3.5mmand 3.81 mm both are interchangeable.
  • AZSid3785 Fairway VE15B-120 AC 12VDC 1.5A 2Pin Phoenix Connector

 100 - 240V ac ~ 50-60Hz 1.2A
+12VDC 3.4A

Dimension: 10 x 6 x 3.5 cm
Weight: 250g

Connector: 2-PIN Green or blue 15EDCK-15EDCV-3.81, 2pin Pitch 3.81mm 15EDCK-3.81 M2 Screw Terminal Block Female Pin Connector Pluggable T Type with pin 2Way
Suitable and fit to
Follwoing are details / data for connector only
Compatible Part. No.: 15EDCK-15EDCV 3.81mm 15EDCK-3.81 M2 Screw Terminal Block
- Housing: PA66   UL94V-0
- Contact: Phosphor bronze,Ni plated
- Solder pin: Brass,Tin plated
- Screw: M2 ,Steel,Zinc plated

- Rated voltage: 300V
- Rated current: 8A
- Insulation resistance: 5000MΩ/1000V
- Contact resistance: 20mΩ
- Withstanding voltage: 2000V/1min
- Wire range: 26~16AWG
Mechanical & operating ambient
- Torque: 0.2Nm
- Strip length: 5~6mm
- Temp.Range: -40°C~+105°C
- MAX soldering: +250°C 5Sec

To Use With: Medical and Extron video Equipments / accessories
Extron MTP Series
MTP R AV RCA (12Vdc 0.5A)
MTP R Receiver

Extron RGB-DVI 300 Scaler (12Vdc 1A)
Extron DVI 201 Tx DVI 201 Rx DVI Twisted Pair Extender (12vdc 0.4A 400mA)
Extron MMX 42 SV RCA S-Video and Stereo Audio Switcher (12Vdc 0.5A)
Extron DTP HDMI 301 Long Distance HDMI Twisted Pair Extender Tx and Rx (12Vdc 0.6A)
Extron DTP HDMI 301 Tx (60-1212-12) -Long Distance HDMI Twisted Pair Transmiter (12Vdc 0.6A)
Extron MDA 4V HD-SDI Distribution Amplifier (12vdc 0.4A)
Extron MTP RL 15HD A Twisted Pair Receiver VGA and Audio 60-690-01 (12Vdc 0.5A) Versa Tool
Extron VSW 2 VGA A 60-756-01 Audio Switcher Stereo VGA (12Vdc 1A) Some time it comes with 12v 2A but it require only 12v 1A
Extron Ycv 100 S-Video To Composite Video Encoder (12Vdc 0.1A)
Extron DVI201 TX (12vdc 0.4A 400mA)
Extron DVI201 RX (12vdc 0.4A 400mA)
Extron DVI 201 Tx/Rx DVI Twisted Pair Extender (12vdc 0.4A)
Extron MTP Twisted Pair Transmitter VGA w/ Audio w/ EDID Minder 60-669-01 (12Vdc 0.5A 500mA)
Extron USB Extender TX Transmitter 60-871-12 (12vdc 0.4A 400mA)
Extron HDMI 201 Rx HDMI CAT6 Twisted Pair Extender Receiver 60-806-13 (12vdc 0.4A 400mA) it come with red connector but color making no difference originaly comes with 12vdc 1A but required 0.4A will work perfect with 1.5A or 12vdc 2A.
Extron HDMI 201 TX Twisted Pair Extender Transmitter 60-806-12 (12vdc 0.4A 400mA)
Extron MPA 401 Mono 70V Mini Power Amplifier 40 Watts (12Vdc 1.5A)
Extron MPA 401 Mono 100V (12Vdc 1.5A)
EXTRON IPL T S1 Serial Port IP Link Ethernet Control/Monitor Processor 60-801-01 (12Vdc 0.5A)
Extron TP T BNC Video Transmitter RGB (12Vdc 0.5A)
extron rgb192 (12Vdc 1A) Design to work with 12 to 15Vdc 1A or More
Extron MTP T 15HD RS Transmitter Hi res video over CAT5 extender (12Vdc 0.5A)
Extron HDMI 101 Plus Extends HDMI 200ft (12Vdc 0.2A)
Extron MTP 1500RL 15HD A SEQ (12Vdc 1A)
Extron MTP RL 15HD A Receiver (12Vdc 0.5A)
EXTRON RGB 190F Interface Analog Computer to Video Interface (12Vdc 1A)
Extron VYC 100N NTSC Composite Video to S-Video Decoder (12Vdc 0.2A)
Extron RGB 190F Universal Computer-Video Interface (12Vdc 1A)
Extron CAT5 Mini Twisted Pair Transmission VGA/Audio MTP T 15HD A 60-669-01 PS+ (12Vdc 0.5A)

Extron SCS300 Sync Convertor and Stabilizer
Extron Versa MDA 3SV Distribution Amplifier
Extron VSW 2VGA A VGA Stereo Audio Switcher 60-758-01
EXTRON RGB 478 xi Computer Audio/Video Interface wall mount (comes with 12vdc 2A)

Extron MDA 3V Dual Distribution Amplifier Versa Tool (12vdc 2A)
Extron MDA 3SV Distribution Amplifier Versa Tools (12vdc 2A)

Information's are here for your reference only and accuracy can not be guaranteed

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