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CHI CH-1234 AC Adapter 12V DC 3.33A Used -(+)- 2.5x5.5mm 100-240


CHI CH-1234 AC Adapter 12V DC 3.33A Used -(+)- 2.5x5.5mm 100-240Vac Power Supply for 3M M150 M1500SS LCD MONITOR Western Digital external HDD Enclosure

Condition: Used - Working Excellent
Package include: 1 AC ADAPTER only

Compatible: If this item is sold out pleaese buy Replacement  ID#241 Hyundai SAD04212-UV it will work exectly same.

Manufacturer: Polaris Electronics / Dong Guan Co Ltd.
Model No. CH-1204 , CH1204
P/N.: 4882A240
Compatible Model No.: ID#241 Hyundai SAD04212-UV, HJC HASU05F
LI SHIN LSE0107A1240 12V DC 3.33A -(+)- 2.5x5.5mm
Compatible Part Number : 

  • AC Adapter STD1203
  • Li Shin LSE9901B1250
  • CH-1204
  • 399698-001
  • LE-9702B
  • ADP-4801
  • ADPC12350AB
  • F1650K
  • F1670K
  • EA1050E-120
  • SAD3912SE
  • Symbol Motorola HYPRO 50-14000-148R MC9090 MC

 Input: AC 100-240V ~ 47-63Hz 1.1A Max (worldwide use)
Output: DC 12V 3.33A 40WA
Power: 40W
Connector: Straith  Round Barrel 2blade in
DC Plug dimensions:  2.5 x 5.5 x 10 mm (AxBxC)
A Inner diameter - 2.5mm
B Outer diameter - 5.5mm

Dimension:10.3 x 5.4 x 3.8 cm approx.
Weight: 266g
Not all but some More known Compatible an to use with following:- 

  • 3M M150 flat panel display touch screen monitor system Flat Panel Display (FPD)
  • 3M™ MicroTouch™ Display M1500SS Flat Panel Displays
  • Symbol Motorola CRD9000 CRD7000 CRD3000 CRD4000 ADP1000 CRD5500 CRD

<:!:> 100D,100DWHI, 180TUA,1920A, 200A, 400A, 401MSR,510A, 610A, 710A, 821A 
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<:!:> 3M MicroTouch Display M1500SS
<:!:> A2304,A500, A5000,A501, A502, A505, A700,A701,A704, A707,  A904,  I600,I610,  MJ15, MJ175, MX15, S500 
<:!:> Acer AC501,  Acer AC711,  Acer AC915, Acer AF705, Acer AL506,  Acer AL511,  Acer AL512, Acer AL532,  Acer AL712, Acer AL713,  Acer AL715,  Acer AL716,  Acer AL722,  Acer AL732,  Acer AL922 
<:!:> Acer LCD Monitor 
<:!:> ACER LCD MONITOR: AC501, AC711, AC915, AF705,  AL506,  AL511,  AL512,  AL532, AL712,  AL713,  AL715,  AL716,  AL722,  AL732,  AL922
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<:!:> BenQ LCD Monitor 
<:!:> BENQ LCD MONITOR: FP2081, FP450, FP547, FP553,  FP557, FP563, FP567, FP581, FP591, FP731, FP747, FP757, FP761, FP794, FP855, FP991
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<:!:> CTX LCD Monitor 
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<:!:> EMachines: E15T3, E15TG, E15TG-R, E17TR
<:!:> EN-5100, EN-5200, EN-7100S, EN-7500, EN-8100E, EN-9110 
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<:!:> Hitachi MV140/ MV151/ MV170/ MV171/   MV173 
<:!:> KDS LCD Monitor  KDS Radius RAD-5, KDS Radius Rad-7c, KDS Radius Rad-9P 
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<:!:> PD-40FA11,PD-40FA11M,P5011MS,P504M, P507M, PD-70FA16, PD-70FA26M, PD-70FA56 P7011MS,P702M,P707M,P704M,P705, PD-80A11, P902M 
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<:!:> VIEWSONIC LCD Monitor  Q170, Q170B, VE150, VE170 
<:!:> VIEWSONIC LCD MONITOR: Q170, Q170B, V150, V170 
<:!:> Hyundai B90A 19" Flat Panel TFT LCD Monitor & Assorted LCD MONITORS 700 x , 900 x series,

<:!:> External Western Digital HDD wd5000c032
Order number          Model number
WDXUB800BBNN          WD800B015
WDXUB1200BBNN         WD1200B015
WDXUB1600BBNN         WD1600B015
WDXUB2000JBNN         WD2000B015
WDXUB2500JBNN         WD2500B015
WDXUB3200JBNN         WD3200B015
WDXUL800BBNN          WD800B014
WDXUL1200BBNN         WD1200B014
WDXUL1600BBNN         WD1600B014
WDXUL2000BBNN         WD2000B014
WDXUL2500BBNN         WD2500B014
WDXUL3200JBNN         WD3200B014
WDXU1600BBRNN         WD1600B008
WDXU1200BBRNN         WD1200B008
WDXU800BBRNN          WD800B008
WDXU400BBRNN          WD400B008
WDXC1600JBRNN         WD1600B007
WDXC2500JBRNN         WD1600B007
WDXC3200JBRNN         WD3200B007
WDG1C1600N            WD1600D032
WDG1C2500N            WD2500D032
WDG1C3200N            WD3200D032
WDG1C4000N            WD4000D032
WDG1C5000N            WD5000D032
WDG1U1600N            WD1600C032
WDG1U2500N            WD2500C032
WDG1U3200N            WD3200C032
WDG1U4000N            WD4000C032
WDG1U5000N            WD5000C032

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