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HP 0950-4401 AC ADAPTER 32VDC 700mA 16VDC 825mA LIKE NEW POWER



Condition : LIKE NEW - Excellent - Working - Original
Content : One Adapter only ( Label may or may not same as shown here )

Manufacturer: HP (Hewlett Packard)
Model Number: 0950-4401
Part Number: Liteon PA-2320-02H
More Compatibles: Liteon PA-2200-02H-ROHS , 0957-2231
• 0950-4404 or 09504404
• 0957-2144 or 09572144
• 0957-2146 or 09572146
• 0950-4401 or 09504401
• 0957-2084 or 09572084
• 0957-2094 or 09572094
• 0957-2166 or 09572166
• 0957-2178 or 09572178
• 0950-4491 or 09504491
• 0957-4466 or 09574466

 Input Voltage: 100-240VAC ~ 1A 50/60Hz
1[ooo]3 Output:
Pin 1 = +16V === 700mA
Pin 2 = GND
Pin 3 = +32V === 8255mA
Connector: 3 PIN Molex

Dimension: 11 x 6.5 x 4 cm approx.
Weight: 350 grams.

Compatible Printers: IEC 60950
HP DeskJet F2110-All-in-One
HP DeskJet F2140-All-in-One
HP DeskJet F2188-All-in-One
HP DeskJet F4172
HP DeskJet F4190-All-in-One
HP Photosmart C4250
HP Photosmart C4280-All-in-One
HP Photosmart C4383-All-in-One
HP Photosmart C4390-All-in-One
HP Photosmart C4380-All-in-One
HP Photosmart C4385-All-in-One
HP Photosmart C4388-All-in-One
HP DeskJet F2120-All-in-One
HP DeskJet F2128-All-in-One
HP DeskJet F2180-All-in-One
HP DeskJet F2187-All-in-One
HP DeskJet F4135-All-in-One
HP DeskJet F4140-All-in-One
HP DeskJet F4180-All-in-One
HP DeskJet F4185-All-in-One
HP Photosmart C4210-All-in-One
HP Photosmart C4240
HP Photosmart C4270-All-in-One
HP Photosmart C4273-All-in-One
HP Photosmart C4283-All-in-One
HP Photosmart C4200 Series All-in-One
HP Photosmart C4300 Series All-in-One
HP Photosmart C4400 Series All-in-One
HP Photosmart C4500 Series All-in-One
HP Photosmart C5300 Series All-in-One
HP Photosmart C6300 Series All-in-One
HP Photosmart C4272
HP Photosmart C4280
HP Photosmart C4380
HP Photosmart C4450
HP Photosmart C4472
HP Photosmart C4480
HP Photosmart C4580
HP Deskjet D1400 Printer Series
HP Deskjet D1500 Printer Series
HP Deskjet D2400 Printer Series
HP Deskjet D1460
HP Deskjet D1470
HP Deskjet D1560
HP Deskjet D2460
HP Deskjet D4260
HP Deskjet D4360
HP Deskjet F2100 Series All-in-One
HP Deskjet F2200 Series All-in-One
HP Deskjet F4100 Series All-in-One
HP Deskjet F2180
HP Deskjet F2275
HP Deskjet F2276
HP Deskjet F2280
HP Deskjet F2288
HP Deskjet F2290
HP Deskjet F4180
HP 910 Printer Series

HP Photosmart 7760 Q3015A , PhotoSmart 7260, Digital Camera 435, Y1444A,

Bundle-PhotoSmart 7260, Digital Camera 635, Y2226A, Bundle-PhotoSmart 7260, Digital Camera 635, Y2229A, Bundle-PhotoSmart 7660, Digital Camera 435, Y2224A, Bundle-PhotoSmart 7660, Digital Camera 435,Y2230A, PhotoSmart 7660, Digital Camera 635, Y2232A,

DeskJet 5100 Series C8962AR, C8962A, C8962B, C8962C, C8962D, C8989A, C9006A, DeskJet 5600 Series C6490AR, C6490A, C6490B, C6490C, C6490D, C9007AR, C9007A, C9007B, C9007Z , DeskJet 9600 Series C8137AR, C8137A, C8138A, C8139AR, C8139A, Deskjet 5700 Series C9016AR, C9016A, C9016B, C9016C, C9018A, C9018CR, C9018C, Deskjet 5850 Series C8975AR, C8975A, C8975B,

PhotoSmart 7700 Series Printer, Q3015AR, Q3015A, Q3016A, Q3017A, Q3018A, Q3019A, Q3060A, Q3061A, Photosmart 7200 Series Printer, Q3005AR, Q3005A, Q3006A, Q3007A, Q3008A, Q3009A, Q3050A, Photosmart 7400 Series, Q3409AR, Q3409A, Q3410A, Q3411A, Q3412A, Photosmart 7600 Series Printer, Q3010AR, Q3010A, Q3011A, Q3013A, Q3014A, Q3055A, Q3056A, Q3057A,

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